Lasting Impressions Gifts is going green

  2018-04-22 at 20:09 pm

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Today is Earth Day, so it’s the perfect opportunity to share our initiatives in going GREEN! One of the core values of Lasting Impressions Gifts is minimizing our carbon footprint. We are quickly taking the right steps to be more environmentally responsible. 

Steps to Sustainability: 

  1. We are eliminating plastic bags! We are currently phasing out plastic bags in favour of recyclable bags. We also now have reusable shopping bags available for purchase. 
  2. We are transitioning from fancy gift-wrapping paper to 100% biodegradable Kraft wrapping paper. We promise style will not be compromised. We always have innovative ideas on how to delightfully finish the wrapping! 
  3. We have transitioned to only using water and vinegar as our cleaning products. We have eliminated all harmful or unnatural chemicals. 
  4. We now have the technology to reduce our paper consumption in the boutique: 
    1. Electronic order processing
    2. Paperless invoices
    3. Online banking
    4. Online collaboration with our team and vendors ie. Dropbox and OneNote. 
  5. We want to avoid unnecessary carbon emissions, so we are assessing the shipping distance and exploring more locally crafted product. 
  6. We are currently in the process of expanding our product lines that contain natural ingredients:
    1. We love our new Made By Bees Honey, it comes in glass jars, it is shipped in paper, and it’s made locally in Brockville, Ontario!
    2. New this year we have an abundance of solar garden accents, encouraging the practice of relying on the sun to beautiful a space, rather than batteries. 

While today is Earth Day, we look forward to continuing the steps to develop this initiative! 

If you’ve been taking steps at home or in your workplace to be more environmentally friendly, please Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, or Email them to us! We are excited to hear what our community is doing and new ideas that we can implement in our homes and in the boutique. 

By Gina Petrocco