What to give your clients for the holidays

  2018-11-12 at 16:41 pm

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to thank your clients and customers. We have put together a list of ways you can recogize your customers this season.

1) Gift your customers and clients with a high-quality, locally made gift. 
Check out some of our favourites: 

custom image
Perth Soap is Handmade in Perth, Ontario. Choose three bars and we will package them in a beautiful gift box. 
custom image
Zoe's Olive Oil and Balsamics are based out of Montreal. They are high quality and absolutely delicious.

2) Give your client a gift that they can share with their team. This could be as simple as a box of chocolates or a collection of travel mugs. 
Check out some of our best-sellers: 

custom image
This 28 piece assortment contains milk, dark and white chocolates including mini creams, chocolate-covered almonds, truffles, Empress Squares, butter caramels and mini bars. The chocolates are by Roger's a company based out of Victoria, B.C. 
custom image
Holiday-themed travel mugs are cute and practical
custom image
Hot Chocolate in a Jar. Something the team will love! Can be enjoyed at the office or gift your client can bring home their family. 

3) Customize a gift set for the team. Select a theme that is general, such as a gourmet food gift set or an entertaining gift set. 

custom image
A gift set large enough that the whole team can enjoy. 

4) Handwrite a genuine thank you card. Personalize the card and sign it yourself. 


By Gina Petrocco