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Wild Hibiscus

Edible Hibiscus Flowers in Rose Syrup

Edible Hibiscus Flowers in Rose Syrup

Wild Hibiscus Flowers (15) in Rose Syrup

Wild Hibiscus found a family in Bulgaria that has been making rose oil for generations - 1 million roses for 1kg of rose oil!  The rose oil has an almost rose zest flavour and aroma - very enticing and pairs well with hibiscus.

  • Contains: 15 Flowers
  • Weight: 350 grams/12.3 ounces


Accents sparkling wine perfectly! Add flower and syrup to desserts!


Cocktails & Mocktails: use flower to garnish & syrup for flavoured sweetener
Cake & Dessert: garnish cakes & desserts; use syrup for sauce or jelly

FLAVOUR PAIRING typical combinations used with our rose products to date:

Fruit/Veg: apricot, coconut, hibiscus, lime, lemon, lychee, orange, passionfruit, pear, raisins, raspberry, rhubarb
Herbs & Spice/Other: vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, almond, pistachio, ginger, mint, peppermint, honey, marshmallow, nougat, white chocolate, yogurt
Alcohol: gin, sake, sparkling wine, tequila, white rum, vodka, whisky
Cuisines: Middle Eastern, South Asian (Indian) 



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